If you eat the beef flavored ramen noodles you are wrong

I got jumped. I won but, my rib is in alot of pain I feel like its broken and my previously injured back is now hurting excessively bad. Its hard to walk comfortably. I’m pretty sure I’m going to get a bad black eye too. I may go to the hospital if my rib feels worse. Corona sucks. I can’t go skating without people bugging me. 3 on 1 is cowardly and I feel bad for anyone who can’t handle themselves and got attacked by these fucktards. Hopefully I taught them that numbers do not matter sometimes but probably not. I don’t care. Gang members are pussies.

I am constantly torn between wanting to improve myself and wanting to destroy myself.
Anonymous asked:
I c u

Scary scary ooky spooky spoopy

Anonymous asked:
sick answer

You are a sick answer. Fight me

Anonymous asked:
I'm not a fan of you are o you have to do with the other hand the same thing



I woke up from a nightmare really, really scared. I had a panic attack because of it, so I called elderforest and he helped me feel a lot better and helped me calm down quite a bit. I hate panic attacks. Thanks, Matt! You’re the best.

Of course Bri
Panic attacks are the worst and I’m happy you are feeling better

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